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Ready to get the deal of your life?

Welcome to Mr Negotiator. We’re proud to call ourselves Australia’s premier car broker, having served hundreds of private and commercial clients across the country. Backed by decades of combined auto industry experience, we’re best placed to look after your car sourcing needs. Every day, we save our clients thousands on new and used vehicles.

Simply put, we’re the missing link between you or your organisation, and a real bargain.

Take the stress out of the purchasing process

You may be surprised to know that, according to behavioural research, buying a car is one of the most stressful financial decisions an individual will ever have to make. It makes sense – often, it’s the biggest transaction you’ll ever make outside your mortgage or investments.

The same goes for fleet managers, and purchasing managers in charge of fleets. With increasing regulatory burdens and the ongoing maintenance hassles of a private fleet, stressing about new acquisitions is the last thing a fleet professional needs.

We’re here to eliminate that stress once and for all. Think of us as your personal assistant for all things car buying. It’s all about delegating.

Smart private fleet solutions

According to the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AFMA), initial acquisition cost (including tax implications) is still one of the prime influences on buying intention. Real value for money doesn’t just mean getting an adequate deal for the projected life of the fleet. It means looking at running costs, tax advantages, security, resale value, and much more.

At Mr Negotiator, we get it. When you work with us, you can be confident we’ll address every single one of your business objectives. After all, we’ve built our business on the back of referrals – our aim is to delight. We’re with you all the way, from the moment you lodge your initial inquiry to the moment you finish rolling out your new fleet. And of course, we’ll happily respond to tender invites.

Exclusive discount new car deals

Ever feel like the best new cars for sale sell out before they’re even advertised? Wish you were in the know, with an industry connection? Let us be your ‘man on the inside’. Over the years, we’ve cultivated relationships with dealerships across Australia. We’re consistently getting our clients deals that represent significant discounts in comparison to advertised rates – even those so-called ‘runout’ prices. If you’re based in an area where choice and prices are restricted by lack of competition, let us be your connection to the national market – the real buyers’ market.

Part of getting the best deal on new cars for sale is knowing the components of the car’s value, and what’s important to the dealer – i.e. where they make their profit. A dealership’s objectives vary dramatically depending on whether they’re selling used or new cars. By tapping in to what drives them, so to speak, we’re able to demonstrate that we can serve their needs – which is why we’re their first port of call when they’ve got a limited new offer.

Why choose us?

Two reasons: passion and expertise.

Mr Negotiator is headed up by John Altomonte, a motoring enthusiast with over two decades’ experience in the car industry. As a former dealer principle of a major national motor group, he’s got both the knowledge and the personal connections to secure and broker deals his clients love. Read more about John’s background, and why Mr Negotiator should be your first choice.

The Mr Negotiator Guarantee

For our clients’ peace of mind, we offer a rock solid guarantee on our services. It’s called our ‘Best Price Promise’. We promise to save you money, and we promise we’ll get the best price we can. Wondering just how much money you could save? On average, we save our clients thousands – not hundreds – on both new and used vehicles.

Don’t just take our word for it, though – see what our fans have to say. Leigh from Canberra saved $4,500 off his first quote on a new Forester by getting Mr Negotiator to go in to bat for him. An Audi fan from Perth saved $7,500 on a new A4 1.8T – plus, the deal was arranged within an hour of the initial enquiry!

Mr Negotiator is also proud to be the broker of choice for several fleet managers. Building a business on the back of consistent results means doing what we say we’ll do –every time, no exception. And as any smart manager knows, it all comes down to the bottom line. Mr Negotiator saves fleet clients tens of thousands, time and time again.

Looking to buy a car? Easy as 1,2,3...

It’s easy to get started with Mr Negotiator, and our enquiry process is obligation-free. Simply:

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