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Fleet discounts

In a very fast moving industry, companies don’t realise that they can obtain fleet discounts from the manufacturers which can save them thousands of dollars.

Most car brokers and dealers won’t tell you this… but at Mr Negotiator we deal with the fleet managers and always try and get you the cheapest possible prices and fleet discount. If you’re not registered with the manufacturers – we get you  joined.

Manufacturers put on incentives every month. These incentives vary from month to month, so we closely monitor them with our dealer network. If there are better deals on other makes and models in that month we tell you and show you the comparison.

We go the extra mile to ensure you get the best vehicle at the best dealer and most importantly… at the best price.

Novated Leases and Salary sacrifice

With lots of people now having salary sacrifice and novated leases as part of their employment, its important you find a partner that fully understands how this works.

With this kind of purchase you are eligible for tax benefits as well as manufacturer incentives… but the finance must be structured correctly. These products are very complicated and many car brokers don’t understand them fully.

Mr Negotiator specialises in finance as well as car sale. We know exactly how to ensure the structure is correct and the deal is right. We follow the process through and assist our fleet companies in obtaining the vehicle and all the information they need to come back to you with an accurate quote.

Some fleet companies obtain vehicle quotes for you and put their margin on top. Then then say you have to buy the car through them – but you don’t!

Come to us and we will source the cheapest car and also the cheapest finance for you.  We help dealers remember that you are the customer and its what you want that counts.

We also have a finance arm which can also handle the maintained and fully maintained leases as well as Chattel mortgages and consumer loans.

Contact us to get the best deal on your next car and the best possible financial package.

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