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"I have been dealing with the team at Mr negotiator for over 5 years and in that time have had nothing but great service. They are very professional with their processes which makes my job easier and the clients prices cheaper. I deal with a few brokers and most have no industry experience and their clients are usually frustrated when the time comes to pick up their new car. I can highly recommend John and the team at Mr Negotiator". Matthew Clarke
Group Fleet Manager
Tom Kerr Auto Centre
“Thank you John for helping with the 3 new Ford Transits you organised for us, again. I am so time poor and busy and don’t have the time to shop around and get the best deal and organise the purchase. I appreciate the effort you put into making it all go smoothly and also the incredible savings you are able to get whether it’s one vehicle or three. I highly recommend you to our staff and anyone I know looking for a vehicle.” Michael Jarvin
Advanced Marina Management
“ Wow John thanks again for organising our work vans and utes we've just picked up. You make my life so much easier and the deal you were able to get us was fantastic. The old trade ins you were able to get us top dollar for and the finance repayments you offered made it just that much more affordable so more money left in our pocket. You made it so easy and I only have to deal with you and not car dealers. Nothing is too hard and even when you are based in another state of Australia it seems to make no difference. I can’t thank you enough and highly recommend you to all my staff, friends and family” Kate Lievesley
Operations Manager
A&K Lievesley Electrical and Solar
Dear Mr Negotiator,
“Thank you so much for getting me the most fantastic deal on my car! Not only did you get me the best price on the car I was selling but it was matched with the best deal on my new car. Your brilliant negotiation allowed me to upgrade to a better model. Thanks for your efficient and no hassle approach”.
"For the first time in years I decided it was time to source a new car - a Subaru Forester XT. Only having two local dealers the competition is low so they weren't very flexible. A lower price had to be available than the one I was quoted. I did a search for vehicle brokers on Google and up came Mr Negotiator and that was the best search result EVER!
Not only did the team find me the best deal available but arranged a bundle of accessories as well. I got the exact vehicle I wanted - colour, trim, model plus extras. The sums showed that Mr Negotiator had managed to save me about $4500 off the quote if I'd purchased it myself. This guy is the GEM in finding the best deals and providing a service that matches. He even picked me up and took me to the dealership so I could pick up my new Forester. I couldn't recommend him highly enough to find your next vehicle. Thanks a million".
Leigh Mortimer
"Mr. Negotiator" was able to get such an excellent deal on my car that my wife decided to purchase a new car also. We couldn't believe how much we saved! Well in excess of $16,000. We can go on an overseas holiday with the money saved. Mr. Negotiator is currently assisting our daughter and a friend in their purchases. We thoroughly recommend Mr. Negotiator - Just give him a go - you have nothing to lose and lots to gain". Brian & Decima Marshall.
"I came across Mr Negotiator on the internet and decided to try him out for my new Audi Q5 purchase. The experience was easy and he managed to negotiate about 9 K off the RRP, which is equivalent to about 12% off! i have no hesitation in using him again or recommending him to my friends and look forward to using his service in my next car purchase. He has made everything so easy and stress free.
Thank you Mr Negotiator".
Dr K (Melbourne)
"Mr Negotiator had a fantastic deal for me on a new Audi A4 1.8T within an hour of me contacting him. Comparing apples with apples I paid $7,500 dollars below RRP.That's around 12% off!" L Schiebaan Perth
"We were in the market for a new car and were getting tired of the lines and so called great deals that car sales people were giving us. A friend told us about Mr. Negotiator after he had bought a new car - with great success and we thought , 'why not'?
Mr. Negotiator did all the hard work for us and saved us $13,000 by getting us a better price for our trade ins and worked magic on the new car price.
An honest and reliable service - which you can't beat! Thoroughly recommend speaking to Mr. Negotiator next time you are in the market for a new car!"
Penny & Winston
"We needed a new car, and were dreading the task ahead, Mr. Negotiator took all the hassle out of the search & negotiations. He can really save you money!" M & A Vaughan
"After much research by my company to locate and negotiate the best price for the vehicles I required, I noticed an advert and decided to give "MR. NEGOTIATOR" a call, since I had nothing to loose. A short time after my enquiry I was pleasantly surprised with the results they achieved. The result was a $3,100 saving on my best achievable price. The original cost of the vehicles and accessories was $111,500 and the final price I paid for the vehicles with extras was $100,000 even. My company has no hesitation in recommending"MR. NEGOTIATOR" to any person looking to save money". Greg. Sydney
"Our company has used Mr. Negotiator's skills and experience to buy several vehicles for in the last year. The team were always easy to contact, prompt in servicing our needs and wants. He took all of the hard work of finding a good deal on a car away! If you have not used his service before I highly recommend Mr Negotiator to take the stress and effort of dealing with car salesman away! Now when a car lease is up for our company, I just call the team and they sort it out!" Sheldon Trynchy.
"Please accept my sincerest thanks to you for your kind and unequivocal support negotiating purchase of my Touareg. I consider myself a fair negotiator but the price I achieved of $74,990 was nothing compared to the $68,250 you managed to get for me. You saved me a whopping $6,740, at no cost to me. Thanks Mr. Negotiator, I'd recommend your service to anyone!" Andrew Way
"Buying a new car is an exciting time, however dealing with sales people is a part of the process we all hate doing. However "MR. NEGOTIATOR" has solved all of that. Just a simple phone call and MR. NEGOTIATOR took care of the rest. Early the following day, he contacted me with a price $5,100 less than the recommended retail price on road for the car. With such prompt courteous and efficient service, I can highly recommend MR. NEGOTIATOR to anyone seriously wanting to purchase a new car!" Dr. Roland Faktor
"Mr. Negotiator is the best way to buy a car. It takes the stress and the leg work out of buying a car and best of all he saved us over $4,500 dollars and that's big money in anyone's language. I highly recommend the service - its great. " Phillip Rizzo.
"My wife and I had decided to purchase two new Toyotas, one being a Toyota Avensis and a Toyota Corolla Sedan. We had received what we perceived to be good prices on the 2 vehicles concerned and had been told of Mr. Negotiator. We decided to phone him and told him what we were in the market for.
Within a few hours we received a call from Mr. Negotiator to inform us that he could get a much better deal on the 2 cars as well as on our two trade ins.
In the end we managed to save $6,000 on the drive away price.
We would recommend Mr. Negotiator without a second thought when contemplating purchasing a car, whether second hand or new"
Elan & Sue Slater